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16 / 10,000
I now have no more need for the change my name fund. If you want drop me some points and I'll draw you something. Or don't it's all good. :D

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I enjoy drawing these so I figured I could try commissions. Tell me the type and design you want and I'll do my best to translate it to digital media.
Have an idea for a Pokemon fusion but have neither the time nor the skill to draw it yourself. Bring your idea to me and I'll see what I can do with it.

I'll fuse up to three Pokemon for a single fusion. And on a case by case basis use Fakemon.



Burning Bones
When you've got a Marowak with you finding Rare Bones isn't too hard at all. Xander, Doug, and Sans went up to the volcano to offer up some these Rare Bones to try and appease Heatran. Mint stayed at the foot of the volcano in her new Grovyle form because grass types are unsurprisingly not fond of volcanoes.

Xander and Doug are both offering up the Rare Bones for Mystery Isle. Hope this works. owo;;

Anyone who follows me if you can help please do. It'd be much appreciated.
Doug's Animal Tracker
Finally I'm getting up Doug's Poke-tracker. Mainly so I can try and evolve some of his crew. >w>

Maximillion the Furfrou - M 
Originally Mimi Diggory's dog before her passing Doug takes care of the ol boy as he knows his late wife would want him too. The dog tends to go with the mole man on house calls but doesn't always go to work with him. He can be a lazy boy but he's older he has an excuse. Misses his mistress quite a bit but knows Doug does as well so the two miss her together.

Porkchop the Pignite - M
A Pokemon from Robin's (OtaPotato) ranch who got picked up by Doug to assist him in his work lifting him up to reach high shelves and also roast berries for him if the mixture calls for it. Porky is a good boy who while appearing grumpy at times is very nice and looks after other Pokes when he needs to. Doug appreciates this help even if the hog can be a glutton at times.

Mint the Shiny Grovyle - F
Hatched from an egg Doug got from Xander who got it from Robin. Mint can be a bit shy at times but she can quickly warm up to people and Pokemon if they're nice enough. She's very much attached to the old man who looks after her and loves helping with his mixtures as well as the mint leaves he started giving her after he saw how she liked them (which also played into her name). She evolved during the time travel shenanigans to defend Doug from some mean dinos.

Biggin the Shiny Scolipede - M
A rather large surprise who turned up outside of Doug's shop one day. He has no idea where the big shiny bug came from or who his original owner was (although he did look before finally adopting the bug). Biggin almost seems to think he's actually a dog Pokemon and not as big as he really is. Still he makes for a good speedy mount-mon to help the older mole get around with ease. 

Ivy the Ivysaur - F
Not much is known about this Pokemon at this time.
Time To Get Medieval
An rp done my me and the ever lovely OtaPotato where we tried something a bit different. This time instead of the usual Xantilda fluff (although there is a slight amount) we have Doug and Robin meeting out in the forest of medieval Raccolto and the old mole helps out the wounded shiny. He gives her a bed for the night and food to travel with as well as also learning of her upcoming birthday and wanting to do something for the brave mail carrier. While Robin seems very against this it doesn't stop the old man from planning.

Word Count: 5,203

Proof of RP:
Bitter Medicine But A Sweet Meeting
Should've posted this weeks ago but here it is now at least. =w= An RP me and Dr-Reggie had where Midas needs some medicine for his work and Doug is only too happy to sell it to him. And while he does like money he also thinks quite highly of this lad giving it to him. A good head on his shoulders that's for sure. You have the old mole's approval Midas after only one meeting quite the feat. :D

Word Count: 2,496

Proof of RP:
Dunces and Dargons

After much worrying and doodling and the touchpad on my laptop going wonky I finally completely my first piece for the island competition. OTL No dragons to be fought or gold to be stolen here. Just my bois in costume in a village with the Pokemon that ended up coming with them.

Xander is Joyless both because he's away from Mattie and his crew but also because literally Joy was left back in the present. Sans is his partner here causing much shock and alarm as Alolan Pokemon weren't as prevalent back in this time most likely. Just the same he's gonna do his best. But is there even really a competition anymore?

Doug has Mint with him and he's not too happy either and his face shows it as his usual carefree mask isn't as carefree. Still Mint seems happy.

Dunno if this will get any point for my team but still gonna put this here: My bois rep Mystery Isle!!
Undertale Meme Doug
Here we have the classic Undertale meme done by former member VanguardAngel 

Today's pic is all about Mr. Dig the triple-faced gangster gun thing that pops out of the ground to attack you. In order to mercy him you gotta compliment or just generally be nice to his happy face, you gotta build up or be kind to his sad face, and give him a spin if he ever turns mad on you!

In a geno-run you kill the other two heads leaving only anger who goes into an unstoppable rage blasting fire at you. the only way to end him is to calm him down and make him neutral then he can die. But was it worth the effort?

While the picture has three Mr. Dig is one of a kind. Accept no imitation. ow< b
Pet Gijinka 2.0 Miss Priss
An update for the huge and powerful Miss Priss!
Priss is in some respects basically a female feline Xander. She's tough but with soft sides and cares about her friends and family above all else. Word on the street she has a certain fire type that's caught her eye and an adopted grass type that's also won her heart. Much like Xander her rougher edges have been slowly smoothed over by Raccolto and the folks who live there.
Pet Gijinka Meme Calvin and Joy
A remake of Joy's gijinka art now with her birdy babby Calvin by her side! :D

Joy is still Joy, human or Pokemon she's a loving, caring individual who looks out for others and tries to keep everyone healthy. Calvin can be shy but he's become more active and friendly thanks to the folks he's met. He kind of sees Buddy like a dad because he helped hatch him.

Things are still tough for Ota so if you can spare even a little to them it'd be greatly appreciated. Not just by her and her mom but by all of her friends too!


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Ok Captain-Coffee here ya go.
This will be a countdown of your top favorite Pokemon by generation. There are so many to choose from, can you narrow them down to five? Feel free to give a simple list, or something with a bit more explanation! 

Gen 1 Kanto Region

5. Eevee by CreepyJellyfish I'm a big fan of normal types and Eevee one of the best so it's number 5.
4. Ditto by CreepyJellyfish Ditto's a bit of a cheat cause it can be any Pokemon but it's certainly on my list just as is.
3. Alolan Geodude by alolan-sprites Technically an Alolan variant so I'm kinda cheating again here but I really like Alolan Geodude more than the original. Rock/Electric ftw.
2. Snorlax by CreepyJellyfish The sleepy big eater who I feel could be my spirit Pokemon takes the number 2 spot.
1. Gastly by CreepyJellyfish Haunter by CreepyJellyfish Gengar by CreepyJellyfish The Gastly line. The OG ghosts with the most share my top gen 1 Pokemon spot.

Overall I don't have many big favs from gen 1. I'm not anti gen 1 it's just not my favorite gen.

Gen 2 Johto Region

5. Meganium by CreepyJellyfish Friggin TFS and their Soul Silver Nuzlocke really brought my opinion of the grass type starter from gen 2 up. Murrrrrr Stake!
4. Donphan by CreepyJellyfish My favorite animal in Pokemon form~ Who doesn't love Donphan?
3. Cyndaquil by CreepyJellyfish Still the best of Johto's three though.
2. Politoed by CreepyJellyfish Slowking by CreepyJellyfish The King's Rock evos tie because they're both awesome! :D
1. Smeargle by CreepyJellyfish A normal type that speaks to my inner artist? Yeah that takes the top spot.

Gen 2 isn't the best games out there but it's remakes are AMAZING!

Gen 3 Hoenn Region

5. Ludicolo by CreepyJellyfish <--- Need I say more?
4.  Slaking by CreepyJellyfish Loudred by CreepyJellyfish More normal type love here with the lazy and the LOUD!
3. Spheal by CreepyJellyfish Look at this thing. I rest my case.
2. Ralts by CreepyJellyfish I love Ralts. I want a million of them. This line makes me happy but Ralts is the cutest even if it's not the best fighter.
1. Sceptile by CreepyJellyfishThe starter that made grass type starters cool to most people and one of my most favorites regardless of generation.

Gen three is when things really started picking up.

Gen 4 Sinnoh Region

5. Froslass by CreepyJellyfishI'd like to hug a Froslass but it'd probably try and kill me.
4. Gliscor by CreepyJellyfishOne of my favorite evos hands down. Such a cool Pokemon. (A lot of the new evos from this gen could go here though)
3. Rotom by CreepyJellyfish Rotom-mow by CreepyJellyfishRotom in general but Mow is my favorite form.
2. Porygon-z by CreepyJellyfishI both love and feel bad for this thing.
1. Lopunny by CreepyJellyfish This fluffy asskicker won my heart long before it could mega evolve. I've often wished I could have one in the winter months, that fluff looks so warm!

Gen 4 is great, it's Pokemon are great too.

Gen 5 Unova Region

5. Vanillite by CreepyJellyfishI like what this Pokemon represents more than anything. See what I say about trubbish below for more on what I think of folks who bash this icy treat.
4. Galvantula by CreepyJellyfish I hate spiders but I love this thing.
3. Golurk by CreepyJellyfishI don't think I need to explain myself here.
2. Trubbish by CreepyJellyfish I love this ugly little trash bag and if you don't you're dumb and probably have genwunner tendencies.
1. Audino by CreepyJellyfish A certain group has propelled this little pink ball of exp up in my list of gen 5 Pokemon. It's truly a Joy~

Some people think gen 5 is forgetable but these designs are honestly some of my favorite in the whole of the series!

Gen 6 Kalos Region

5. Klefki by CreepyJellyfishYes it's fucking car keys but it's also a brilliant design so shut your ignorant genwunner face!
4. Mawile-mega by CreepyJellyfish This form made Mawile a beast and I love it for that.
3. Tyrantrum by CreepyJellyfish Holy fucking shit it's a dinosaur! naw bur seriously I love this thing's design.
2. Aegislash by CreepyJellyfishIt's a ghost sword. Who hates this thing? It's too cool to hate unless you're just being nonconformist.
1. Pangoro by CreepyJellyfish Harvest Lunatone members shouldn't be surprised by this at all. >w>

X and Y aren't that good the second time round but I love Kalos Pokemon.

Gen 7 Alola Region

5. Bewear by alolan-sprites Creepy hug bear is very good. =w=
4. Wishiwashi - Solo Form by alolan-sprites Wishiwashi - Schooling Form by alolan-spritesWishiwashi is such a clever design and a perfect Magikarp like Pokemon for this region.
3. Alolan Marowak by alolan-spritesI like normal Marowak I love Alolan Marowak.
2. Incineroar by alolan-spritesWhen I first saw this thing I hated it like everyone else but when we learned it's type that hate quickly became love as it completely switched up our expectations! 
1. Alolan Dugtrio by alolan-spritesThat hair tho.... that hair tho.

Alola forms are good and the lore runs deep but we need some non Kanto ones.

Not tagging anyone this time I'm ending the chain!
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